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Screening: Groundbreaking Graphic Tees

Even prior to the start of the pandemic, athleisure and hyper-casual fashions were taking the world of street style by storm. Sweatpants and sweatshirts replaced more tailored pieces and an air of relaxation and ‘chill’ defined urban attire. Today, after a full year of isolating at home, it seems everyone has reverted to a more comfortable, and generally more casual aesthetic.

While we love the current social-acceptability of casual wear for the day-to-day, we still crave some fashion expression. Fortunately, graphic t-shirts are surging with style, chicness, and boldly unapologetic creativity that can satiate even our fiercest fashion desires. There is no shortage of brands offering show stopping street ware but here we'll feature just two of our favorites.

Everpress and Repostees are companies devoted to sharing an ever-changing collection of limited edition t-shirts that are dripping with coolness.

London based Everpress is the kind of swoon-worthy company we dream about. In their own words,

Here you’ll find a curated emporium of original designs with the tools to manufacture, promote, sell and distribute your own creations; a genuine alternative to the tyranny and wastefulness of conventional retail.
We believe creative originality cannot thrive without independence. For us, it’s about You: what You know is right for you; what You know is right for the world. We’re on a mission to empower creative independence in a commercial world. (1)

We told you they were visionary! In essence, Everpress welcomes a vast community of gifted designers and eagerly works with them to create and share epic t-shirts. The variety of designs is a testament to the diversity of the artists. From minimalist text to maximalist psychedelic abstractions, there are t-shirts at Everpress that will suit even the wildest styles. Some designs benefit international charities, others are printed as limited edition art pieces, but all are authentically original. We just bought ourselves the ‘Lunch of the Day’ t-shirt because who doesn’t want a shirt featuring a hypnotic swarm of illustrated pigeons eating a scattering of stale french fries (we don’t know that they’re stale but the New Yorkers amongst us are fully convinced that they're rubberized and upsettingly cold!).

While Everpress focuses on creation and distribution, Repostees takes on a billboard marketing role, proudly promoting t-shirt releases from brands large and small. Everyday on Instagram, Repostees shares available shirts, directing us to designers and brands that we may never have discovered otherwise. Take the female P.O.C run Australian street ware brand, Smile and Wave. We are obsessed with their multicultural and devastatingly in vogue designs featuring everything from Chinese-inspired printed dragons to the flora and fauna of Australia—including the pleasant absurdity that is the platypus. Without Repostees, we likely wouldn't have found Smile and Wave and our lives would certainly be worse-off for it. Repostees offers a constant stream of ultramodern t-shirts that leaves us ceaselessly inspired.

So trade your tired tracksuit for a t-shirt from Everpress or Repostees and feel yourself transform into a stay-at-home style icon!

Looking for more t-shirt inspiration? Check out these phenomenal designs from Rat City Roller Derby, Tochtli Wear, Esther Perdandt, and Paradice Palase (who also released a fantastic tee collaboration with Seren Morey that we included earlier in the feature)!


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