Stocking Stuffers

Today is the last day featuring material gifts on the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Following today, the remainder our gift suggestions won't require any shipping so you can comfortably finish your last minute holiday shopping without the nail-biting agony of watching delivery windows narrow as we rapidly approach the gift-giving dawn. But if you're on the hunt for small stocking-sized objects that can breeze through shipping hubs and spokes, we've got you covered. This collection of gifts is designed to inspire you to think beyond traditional stocking-stuffers; we encourage you to explore anything and everything small to fit within the hung woven wrappings as appropriate mantle material. From stunning stickers to jaw-dropping jewelry the only thing these objects have in common is their petite size and undeniable exceptionalism! There is a lot to look through today so we've compiled a gallery so you can scroll through all of the items on the list before diving into the writeup.

Let's warm up with gifts that fit a more conventional stocking gift model.

If you're a seasoned follower of ARCANISA—if you're new, WELCOME!—you've likely noticed that we have a deep-seated inexplicable affinity for bizarre and admittedly deranged artistic characters like the Worry Sloth and the Panic Turtles from our Critter Creations day. With that predisposition in mind it should come as no surprise that this Ticky pin effortlessly wins our hearts. Everything about him—excuse the arbitrary gendering of the bean shaped beast—is spectacular and unquestionably Philadelphian. We adore the wonky teeth, the deadpanned and unusually curious, maybe even pining gaze of the cyclopitic eye, and of course the matching tongue and ear texture featuring a psychedelic stripe that makes us desperate to have whatever he last ate. Ticky is a character that reveals more and more personality the longer you look at him so be prepared to unintentionally allocate hours to staring into his mammary eye.

Featuring another crushingly cool character-rich creature, our next gift is the Cat Reaper shirt from Ixachi Art. The cat clearly has some truly unsettling emotional problems and we live—or should we say die— for it! This feline is highly possessive, and arguably proud, of its skull collection, a behavior we find extremely endearing and, as avid collectors ourselves, fully respect. At first sight, this cat instantly stole our hearts enough so much so that we'll willingly and eagerly surrender our souls in recognition of his supremacy and represent his sovereign image on our clothing!

Another freaky feline comes to us from CatMade. With four surprisingly friendly eyes looking up at us, the Tiger Orange Cat Earrings are an exceptionally enchanting accessory featuring a cat that is equally as eccentric as the Reaper but doesn't seem to have the same thirst for our souls! We also appreciate that you can wear the cat on the opposite ear, which results in it looking off into the distance away from you with a haughty indifference we cat owners recognize.

Should you live in a home ruled by a feline fiend as we do, we recommend you sneak some sacrificial stuffed animals into a stocking just for them. Hands down our favorite pet toy this year is the Wool Shrimp Cat Toy from Ware of the Dog; for a brand dedicated to dogs they really nailed it with this cat creation! Filled with catnip, these shrimp made craftswomen in Nepal are perfect "for the cat who has an appetite for fun" (1). We also feel no semblance of shame admitting we bought a few of these just for ourselves because they're so gloriously good looking that we just had to have them. Desk toys? Pocket pets? Pantry protectors? Yes, please! We fully plan on hiding these crustaceans all over our homes.