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Nailing it: Polish Pickup

What if we told you that at the beginning of each month, a collection of indie nail polish brands released over a hundred limited-edition, available-for-four-days-only, stunningly original nail polishes inspired by a community-chosen theme? If you’re anything like us, you’re like on the edge of your seat shivering with anticipation to hear more!

Polish Pickup is just that: a collaboration through which limited edition indie nail polishes are made available for pre-order during the first Friday-Monday of each month. Now, the exclusivity of the model alone makes us love it; there is nothing like loading up your wish list so at the moment the shop opens you can quickly snag your favorite finishes before they sell out! But it’s the soul-swooning brilliance of the luxurious lacquers that we find truly mesmerizing. Head to your nearest nail polish retailer and you’ll likely find pretty, but uninspired, red and nudes and a handful of shimmering polishes that seem to lack a little innovative luster. There isn’t anything at all wrong with these main stream polishes. We very regularly turn to conventional staple styles, like OPI’s Red Hot Rio, when we’re in need of a reliably chic nail look. But simply look at the offerings from Polish Pickup and you’ll understand why these offerings are so elevated. The dazzling diamond-esque Say it Ain’t Cilantro from KB Polish, the down right delicious Mallow-Dramatic from Nailed It Nail Polish, the temperature-sensitive, color-changing mood ring dynamism of Corundum from Cadillacquer are simply divine. They’re unquestionably original and we’re smitten by that fact. They’re polishes that make you sparkle by demonstrating your individuality and confidence to step outside the comfort of the mainstream and wear something spectacular.

Even if we had absolutely no say in the themes we would still be enthralled with this phenomenal Indie offering. But the engaging element of community participation increases our sense of involvement in and commitment to each release. When we joined the ‘secret’ Polish Pickup Pack Facebook group a sense of thrilling, in-the-know chicness ensnared over us like we’d just received the secret phone number to make reservations at New York’s Bohemian (back when the behind-a-butcher-shop speakeasy was in fact still secret)! Voting for our favorite themes for upcoming releases peaks our excitement and curiosity for things to come, long before the polish makers themselves have formulated their longed for lacquers.

Throughout the month, hand-modeling community members are sent PR bottles from brands planning to offer polishes during the next release. These members share photos of crushingly aesthetic swatches on a variety of skin tones so your loved ones can anticipate what will be available during the four day sale and begin forming—and whittling down!—their sure to be extensive mental wish-lists of bottled embellishments.

Polish prices typically settle in the $10 and $13 range so, while the polishes are slightly more expensive than those available through typical retailers, a holiday gift card can go a long way and will certainly give you a significant bang for your buck. We feel it’s important to note that a gift certificate to Polish Pickup isn't simply a gifted bottled nail polish; rather, it’s a full immersive experience. You’re granting someone access to an exclusive community of like-minded lacquer-loving individuals, an opportunity to participate in the creation of beautiful bottled products, and, ultimately, you’re gifting them the chance to discover and own their perfect polish. Plus, because you are offering a gift card rather than a pre-selected bottle, you don’t have to struggle trying to pinpoint which glaze is best suited for the style of your gift recipient. You can share this polish experience to everyone on your list with the confidence that they’ll find something they truly love!

Check out the rest of our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for even more gift giving inspiration and tune in tomorrow for the final day of our Countdown!

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