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Hana's Honey

From tea-sweetener to antibacterial treatment, honey is a household staple in bear shaped bottles and glass jars alike. But Hana's Honey is leaps and bounds above all other honeys. Stunningly thick and gloriously gold, the honey is as beautiful as one hopes and expects the sweet syrup to be and arrives in a variety of jar sizes and shapes adorned with endearing vintage-looking labels. What sets Hana's Honey apart from the rest of the saturated honey market is the flavor profile.

It lacks the now standard clover honey softness as well as the unique, but impractical, specialty flavors provided by honeys produced from eucalyptus or citrus. Rather, it offers smooth, complex flavor complete with floral and herbal notes without any saccharine sweetness. Of course, Hana's Honey is sweet, but it is significantly less sweet than conventional honeys which allows the flavors to breath and shine. All the nuances of New England vegetation are captured in the stunning jars and, because it is less sweet, the opportunities to use Hana's honey are countless.

Beautiful as a cheese pairing or generously slathered over butter on warm toast, Hana's Honey is best appreciated in situations where its unexpectedly subtle sweetness is highlighted. We love that its neutrality enhances savory flavors that may be overshadowed by sweeter alternatives making it a perfect addition to sauces, salads, and stews. No matter how you choose to use it, you will surely love this unique rendition of a typically kitchen staple.


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