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Beth Bakes Currant & Fennel Crackers

When our salt cravings hit we almost always turn to the reliable cracker. Whether we broil some olive oil coated baguette slices for fresh crostini or reach for the buttery but admittedly plebeian perfection of flaky Ritz crackers, we've tried and love most cracker options. Having said that, none come close to the effortless balance of Beth Bakes Currant & Fennel Crackers. Replace a savory or sweet treat with one of these spectacular crackers for a brilliantly satisfying snack or add them to cheese plates and charcuterie boards and confidently wow even the most discerning party guests.

A smooth, nearly wafer thin, cracker provides a distinctive snap and crunch while sweet currants, caramelized by baking, offer unexpected moments of delectably sticky fruitiness. The sophisticated texture profile is enhanced by the seemingly effortless flavor balance: the afore mentioned currants playfully mingle with the herbaceous, yet subtle, fennel seeds and the mouth-watering flaked sea-salt scattered atop each cracker. Each cracker, each bite, is meticulously even, leaving genuinely nothing to be desired.

Naturally, with balance so flawless, we enjoy our crackers plain. What is better than the purity of such simple perfection? We'd argue nothing! But we have have tested the recommended smear of sweet cream and can attest to its deliciousness; the richness of silky fat adds another texture dimension that is not unwelcome and rounds out the mouth feel of the crackers.

To make these crispy delights more tempting, they are gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, starch-free, non-GMO, AND vegan. Not to mention, the brilliant creator of these treats, Beth Fradin, is stunning and sincerely delightful. She offers two other cracker flavors, Crispy Classic and Pumpkin Seed Cumin, but we are partial to the salty sweet combination of the Currant & Fennel!


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