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Gables Delight Strawberry Jasmine Jam

Miami is home to an epic food community. The city's unique location caters to a diverse and ever-transforming food culture. A relatively new addition to this food scene is Chef Almudena Gudiel, the founder and creative mind behind Gables Delight jams. At a farmers market outside of Miami we discovered Chef Gudiel's table with dozens of jams. Not to anyone's surprise, we began by tasting the more obscure flavors: pear truffle, pineapple Serrano, and blood orange Aperol. All of which were noteworthily epic, but the Strawberry Jasmine Jam changed our lives.

You may be thinking that jams, like honeys, are a dime a dozen; local grocery stores offer everything from Smucker's to 'luxury' brands, each with enough flavor variations to exhaust any palette. We too thought strawberry jams were ubiquitous and often disappointingly mundane, until we tried the Gables Delight Strawberry Jasmine Jam.

Some secret magic happens when strawberries, jasmine, cane sugar, and lemon juice are combined in Chef Gudiel's kitchen. The result is a thick jam, softly sweet and infused with the subtle scent of jasmine in such a way that the strawberries seem to taste fresher and the experience of eating jam is elevated effortlessly to pure paradise.

Believe us when we say all jams will pale in comparison to this masterpiece. The combination of high quality ingredients, artfully composed by Chef Gudiel, create a symphony of sweet delight. A key characteristic of the Strawberry Jasmine Jam is it's day-to-day versatility. The simplicity of its ingredients and the delicate flavor profile ensure it can comfortably replace the standard jar of jam residing in your fridge, performing all the duties we expect of our boring jams but with the subtle twist of its unique and transformative jasmine fragrance.

Added to a cheeseboard or charcuterie arrangement, the jam's aromatic floral notes and sweetly succulent essence of fresh strawberries add a sophisticated and unexpectedly compatible pairing to savory cheeses and meats alike. Pair with Devonshire cream atop a Beth Bakes Cracker for a glorious snack or start your morning with a quick glaze of jam on warm toast to begin your day with a sense of quiet luxury. The Gables Delight Strawberry Jasmine Jam is a honored staple in our kitchen and we cannot understate how transformative it has been to swap out a standard strawberry jam for a fragrant jar from Chef Gudiel!


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