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Carr's Cider Syrup

Carr’s Ciderhouse cider syrup came into our lives like a revelation. Originally a spontaneous purchase made purely out of curiosity, this syrup is one of the most versatile and most used ingredients in our kitchens. In essence, cider syrup is boiled apple cider, but we can assure you it’s so much more than that!

Pesticide and herbicide free, the apples used to create Carr's cider syrup are as natural as it gets. The ciders tremendous complexity and richness is the result of the variety of cultivars used; White Jersey, Golden Russet, Kingston Black, Goldrush, and Dabinett apples along with bushels of wild apples foraged by one of their team members, Matt Kaminsky all impart their distinctive flavours to the final syrup. The apples are processed using a lovingly refurbished, "elegant century-old Mount Gilead cider press (likely one of the oldest working presses in New England)". The pressed cider is then slowly reduced until it reaches the glorious syrupy state of a Cider Syrup.

The viscous liquid has both the color of rich dark molasses. The flavor, however, is free of molasses’s saccharine musk and instead boasts the slightly tart but abundant flavor of cider apples. Because the syrup is a reduction, there is a unique depth of flavor imparted by the concentration process; rather than a sweet fresh apple taste, the syrup is more complex with acerbic apple softened by notes of decadent caramel. Upon first tasting it, one of our team members noted Carr's cider syrup was “much like a long aged balsamic without the sharp acidity” and that immediately sparked our imaginations for new usages for this magnificent syrup!

We love cider syrup over a nourishing bowl of morning oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and spices for a warming treat that will always motivate us out of bed. In the summer, we swoon for a drizzle of cider syrup over grilled peaches or bourbon ice cream. The cider syrup is also an excellent and unexpected addition to salad dressings, barbecue sauces, and dips, adding the subtle and uplifting brightness of fruit. We also admit to using it as an elderflower syrup replacement, pouring it over mineral water or seltzer for a refreshing New England take on the European sparkling beverage.

We find Carr’s cider syrup to be superior to other brands for more reasons than we can count, but one important reason is Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum, the makers of this bottle of bliss.

After buying a neglected, historic orchard in western Massachusetts [on the northwest slope of Mount Warner, overlooking the Connecticut river and the breathtakingly beautiful valley that runs through it], [Carr and Blum] brought it back to life by planting over 2000 traditional American and European apple varieties. [The] orchard's shallow sandy-loam soil, underlain with quartzite and feldspar bedrock, produces intensely flavored apples of high sugar content. (1)

Carr and Blum have thought of everything when it comes to ensuring their products are top of the line. From the care and harvest of the apples, to the gorgeous glass jars—free of plastic labels and packaging and sealed with cork stops—the experience of purchasing from Carr and Blum is a dream. We especially love the little notes of personality they scattered throughout the website (like the reminder that despite the high-tech shopping interface it’s still Nicole sitting behind a computer waiting to fill orders herself!) and the intimate notes they include in each order reminding you that your beautiful bottle of syrup was thoughtfully and lovingly created by two people with a genuine passion for what they do.

If you haven't been able to tell, we are just completely smitten with this product (and with our current bottle which is from Carr's centurion batch!!). For those outside of New England, cider syrup is likely an unfamiliar product but its versatility makes it a must have ingredient that everyone should try. Share a bottle of Carr's Cider Syrup this holiday and your loved ones will surely be as smitten as we are!


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