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The perfect duffle bag: the cruising and racing holdall Sac

While purses may occupy the majority of bag conversations, the duffle is our favorite. Perfect as a chic weekender bag, a stunningly unique carry on, or even an overflowing gym bag, this made-in-France holdall Sac by Guy Cotten is one of the most utilized and prized bags in our collections. Intended to hold gear on sailing expeditions, the unisex Sac is designed to be both waterproof (thank you welded seams!) and impressively durable in order to survive the salty sting of sliding across ship decks. But don't let its utility turn you off; this bag is impossibly good looking. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes we dare you not to find a bag you love!

First let's address how gorgeous the bags are. Made of glossy rubbery fabric they feel industrial in the most delicious way. The body of the bags is one color while the ends, tops, and logo are in a complementary shade making them aesthetically flawless. The men on our team swear by the colors that are sensibly bold like the royal blue and unapologetic red (designed so you can easily spot the Sacs should they accidentally fall overboard!) but we also love the contemporary flair of the yellow and gray and the striking monochromatic magic of the white with accents of black. Not only will these enticingly unique colors leave you looking and feeling fiercely stylish but they also make your bag easy to recognize at airports and train stations, never to get lost in the sea of black and blue cases that suffocate baggage claims!

The Sac comes in five sizes; Nano (10 liters), Mino (40 liters), Uno (60 liters), AO (80 liters), and Duo (80 liters). If you aren't used to buying your bags by the liter, the Nano is roughly the size of a large handbag or small gym bag and the Uno is a plenty large travel duffle. The AO and Duo Sacs are a bit too large to keep as carry ons but they are excellent bags if you need extra space sans overhead bins. In our lives, the Mino (featured on the left) is the perfect size for both the gym and weekend trips and the Uno is our ideal Sac for trips as long as two weeks (if we manage to pack light). Each bag, regardless of size, is fitted with a side zipper pocked and an adjustable shoulder strap making it ideal for travel. The Duo is the only bag with two separate interior pockets but we've actually come to love having a single unbroken space to lay our belongings in so we haven't missed the division in the other models.

We are so enamored of this bag that we had a heated debate as to whether we should feature it at all; the exclusive utilitarianism of the Sacs is half the fun! So, while we invite and encourage you to buy and enjoy one for yourself, please do us a favor keep it on the down low!


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