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Unearth your dark side with macabre embroidery

Sometimes we crave dark clothing's power to make us feel invincibly sharp. Whether we add punked out spikes, gothic chains, or the distressed androgyny of a grunge jacket, we thought our wardrobe exhausted the availabilities from the dark side of fashion. Until we discovered Double Vision Embroidery.

This stuff is cool. Really cool. Edgy, melancholic, and trippy, the patches and overlays let out all the teenage angst we are somehow still harboring while allowing us to a project a truly chic aesthetic and mature sensibility. We're drooling just thinking about them. Described on Etsy as "Raw Looks from a One Woman Universe" all we can hope is to enter, even momentarily, into her intoxicatingly epic universe!

Let's start with these ghost face patches. Are they staring at us? Do they even have eyes or just soulful sockets? Simultaneously, this design recalls the iconic "With the Beatles" album cover and elicits what we can only describe as a powerful Evil Eye. Apparently it's inspired by a 1700s British book of magic in which the illustration is used to "multiply one face, and make it seem to be a hundred or a thousand" so the unsetting sensation we feel is completely justified and all the more delicious.

Next we have our favorite series, "Situation with Cat and Dove". A translation of a photograph to embroidery, the design depicts a fierce yellow-eyed black cat gruesomely disemboweling a white dove. It's sick by every definition of the word and we crave it at a fundamental—arguably primal—level.

We are also obsessed with the 'Swarm of Flies" collection. These tiny embroidered flies are constructed from multi-tonal and metallic threads creating an incredibly successful illusion of multidimensional iridescence. So closely resembling the black bodied pests they were designed to mimic, this swarm gives us chills as our clothes do look like they are crawling with jittery insects. We can't stand uncomfortable clothing but we love style that makes us uneasy!


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