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Hand-Held Simplicity and Balance: KIKIITO Bags


two black leather bags with black neoprene rubber handles. a red wax seal embossed with the #1 on gold tag is on the top right corner

While we love unapologetically embellished handbags and clutches, we find that we demand too much of our day-to-day bags for any adornments to survive being hauled through crowded subway cars, buried on cluttered office tables, and beaten by our ceaselessly moving hands and arms. That's not to say that we don't expect beauty from our catchalls; we, like many, search for accessories that strike the ideal balance of resilient utility and aesthetic perfection. With this in mind, we have found KIKIITO bags to be life-changing.

a woman in a white dress holding a black leather bag by a white neoprene rubber handle

"KIKIITO is the brainchild of Kiki Ito— a Japanese born and trained and London based designer that spent many years living and traveling in LA"(1) This amalgamation of "LA spirit, London edge, and Japanese simplicity and balance" is gloriously evident in Kiki's designs. Small satchels of silken leather, formed into geometric envelopes, are deliciously unadorned and exist quietly—but powerfully—in their minimalism. The bags are offered in predominantly neutral tones, ensuring the striking shapes take center stage. There is nothing boring about these minimalist accessories; their understated forms are dripping with subtle and thoughtful artistry.

four leather CHIMAKI mini bags in white, rust, mustard, and black

Our two favorite KIKIITO bags are the CHIMAKI and LINK, variants of the same flawless design. A stitched rectangle of touchably soft cowhide leather or rich suede creates an infinitely useful pocket. A polished gold gated ring is fixed to one corner at the mouth of the bag while, at the other corner, a "bold, flexible neoprene rubber handle" is threaded through a graphic gold eyelet.

The small handle is the ideal size to be slipped gracefully over the wrist but we prefer to hook the durable neoprene through the gated ring on the opposite side, pulling together and folding the body of the bag into a stunning and balanced leather origami sculpture that we have the privilege of carrying.

The diminutive CHIMAKI is a staple in our homes. It sits seemingly fixed to our hall tables eagerly awaiting our cards and cash for when we dash out stylishly on an errand or coffee date. The slightly larger LINK takes on more of a handbag role, with room for other necessities but still small enough to allow easy packing as there isn't room for it to become cluttered.

These sleek and elegant clutches make outstanding gifts. Complementing any wardrobe or aesthetic, the CHIMAKI and LINK bags are both gorgeous and practical and certainly won't disappoint.


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