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Niche Fragrances for a Sophisticated Spring

During spring, the season of rebirth, we are inspired to branch out into a world of fragrance that is unapologetically bold and palpably transformative. As scent is the sense most strongly associated with memory, we believe it is important to thoughtfully select fragrances and set the tone for meaningful memorable experiences. Here, we will offer you four very unique takes on springtime scents: one playfully sugared, one fizzing aldehydic, one acerbically verdant, and one eerily damp. (We believe that there should be no gendered restrictions on fragrance but we have noted how the fragrances listed are typically categorized for your reference)

1) Sweet without the suggestion that you and a cohort of 12 year old girls finished an excursion to Bath & Body works before traipsing off to the tween Mecca that is Claire’s, is Majda Bekkali's Fusion Sacree Obscur. This is a sophisticated and impeccably nuanced interpretation of sweetness that is deliciously complicated. Fusion Sacree Obscur is densely packed with a variety of fresh and gourmand notes ranging from boozy rum, herbaceous celery, and burnt caramel to benzoin resinoid and musk. Alluringly scented with edibles, the brilliance of this fragrance is the pairing of sweetness with balancing warm amberous spices to offer the suggestion of delicacies without conjuring the image of any particular dish. The smell is opulently and addictively flavorsome and will lure you in like a bee to nectar. *feminine leaning

2) Nothing captures the glorious majesty of spring like roses. And by far our favorite rose fragrance is Dom Rosa by Les Liquides Imaginaires. There is nothing tired or matronly about these roses. An effervescent fizz of champagne carries a bountiful bouquet of roses through the twinkling citrus notes of acidic pomelo, creating an air of the most invigorating brightness. A drippingly fruity and slightly sour pear note adds a juicy quality that we find to be the perfect complement to the refreshing spring season. Dom Rosa is original, effortless, and down right celebratory. *feminine leaning

3) Next we have Miller et Bertaux's stunning #3 Green, Green, Green, and... Green which, as the name subtly alludes to, is a green fragrance. It's a lusciously verdant dewy blend of herbal vegetal notes encompassed by heady and acerbic verbena and mastic and, with dry down, gently laid to rest with a blanket of warm woods and sweet jasmine. An elevated take on the refreshing vibrancy of citrus, this botanical fragrance was suggested to us when we presented Aedes de Venustas with the difficult task of finding us a “cold” fragrance that would tame the NYC heat we were battling. Notes of intoxicating verbena are complemented by herbal bay leaves, vetiver, and citrusy coriander. The bitterness is tamed by soothing cedar, rounded musk, and delicate jasmine. The opening is strong and sharply—almost unbearably—green but, within moments, mellows to a luscious scent that transports us to a sun-speckled, moss covered glade. Free from unpleasant grass notes and artificial citrus this is an elegant interpretation of vivid green. *unisex

4) Following in the cold footsteps of #3 Green, Green, Green, and... Green is Icelandic Andrea Maack's Coven, a horrifically brilliant fragrance inspired by the dark collective of witches. This filthy earthy fragrance transports us to damp caves that house conjuring old-magic rituals in the dark of night or mysteriously lichen-covered forests drowned in mist. Although Coven may seem like an unexpected spring fragrance, we feel this is perfect for the new season as its dampness feels reminiscent of the dew soaked soil that cradles fresh bud-less sprouts. And, while we relish the cold mossy severity, the fragrance settles to a warm, surprisingly sweet, dry down of rich woods and subtle spices that creates a stunningly composed journey of scent. However, this is not the most approachable fragrance and certainly not a blind buy. It is powerfully original and demanding of boldness. If you dare to smell dark and brooding this fragrance will empower you and, in our opinion, douse you in a scent that is seductively dirty. We enthusiastically describe it as ominously fresh, perfect for a spring. *unisex


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