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Nablus, West Bank Soap

These elegant bars of soap capture the magic of simplicity and tradition. Made exclusively in the West Bank, this castile-like soap has been manufactured using the same rudimentary techniques for hundreds of years and is comprised of 3 simple ingredients: water, olive oil, and lye collected from ash. What makes this soap so unique is the production process. During each phase of production, the bars are marked by the hands of craftsmen, something that is often missing in this post-industrial age. The roughly cut edges and imperfect impressions remind the user of those who created the soap and offer an intimate moment, that comes increasingly infrequently, of experiencing something truly handmade. Below are a collection of snapshots from a short film documenting the production process.

As for the soap itself, it's remarkably natural; the creamy ivory color and earthy, faintly olive oil scent leave us feeling nourished and grounded. Free of synthetic ingredients, fragrances, and preservatives the soap is as clean as the manufacturing process is sincere. Note that due to the addition of lye, Nablus soaps are highly effective clarifying agents; so much so that they may prove to be too drying for those with extremely sensitive skin. However, a member of our team with eczema swears by this soap to calm even the worst winter flair-ups, likely due to the abundance of rich moisturizing olive oil! Additionally, the minimalist ingredient list leaves the door open for this soap to be multi-purpose; try it as a post-gym shampoo and give your hair a nutrient rich wash of olive oil or confidently wash your dishes knowing the ingredients are food-safe (but we promise, after seeing it, you'll be so smitten you won't want to waste it on your dishes!).

Switch mundane bars of Dove soap with these hand crafted bars for an elevated bathing ritual that will not disappoint!


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