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La Sultane de Saba Black Soap

We were introduced to this soap during a spa treatment in Ibiza and we never looked back. Fortified with rich, natural, nourishing ingredients this soap is stunningly fragrant and astonishingly moisturizing. Sulphate free, the soap's sole surfactant ingredient is potassium olivate, a derivative of olive oil. Added to water and the surfactant are pure eucalyptus oil, olive oil, and Argan oil which produce a thick paste with a consistency and color somewhere between the most decadent sticky caramel and a refreshing olive gel. The fruity earthy scent of olive tames the eucalyptus, resulting in a strong almost medicinal herbal fragrance without venturing to the dark side of Vic's vapor rub eucalyptus scents.

Opening the glass jars to reveal the dark soap will instantly transform your shower into a Moroccan Hammam or better yet, the La Sultane de Saba Spa in Paris. Allow your skin to soften in a warm bath or shower before massaging a small amount of the slippery paste onto the skin. Steam will enhance the benefits of the eucalyptus and flood the air around you with the most invigorating scent as the olive oil and vitamin E sooth even the driest skin. For an even more pampering experience, allow the soap to melt into your skin ~5 minutes before using a kessa glove or loofa to gently polish and brighten body. The smell and texture of this paste are so enchanting the five minutes before we use the kessa glove fly by almost too quickly!

Pair with a Moroccan rhassoul clay treatment or an Argan oil hair mask to create an easy but indulgent Hammam ritual or simply transform a mundane weekday shower into a rejuvenating cleanse by trading out your shower bar with a jar of this exceptional soap.


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