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Fresh Sbriciolona Straight Out of Tuscany

A box of cured meats on a table
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While we are deeply appreciative of each gifted box, we cannot tell you how exhausted we are of receiving hunks of over-priced steaks at the holidays. (That's not to say that there aren't ample situations where these gifts are the ideal choice; it's simply that, in our lives, they become a bit banal). But sharing food, particularly meats, is a time-honored holiday tradition and we firmly believe the absolute ideal meaty gift isn't steak but Macelleria Tozzetti's Sbriciolona.

We were first introduced to Macelleria Tozzetti's Sbriciolona while in Tuscany. Our first night at Il Borro in Arezzo, we were welcomed with a stunning, albeit dimly lit, dinner. Against the backdrop of Il Borro's impressive wine collection stood, under an actual spotlight, a swoon-worthy layout from Macelleria Tozzetti, complete with a man offering fresh generous slices of Sbriciolona. Within moments of discovering this, we committed ourselves, unabashedly, to standing beside him and savoring as many discs of culinary perfection as possible before being—very begrudgingly— pulled away by the rest of our party.

a salame

A variation of a Finocchiona salame, Sbriciolona is not fully dried resulting in a magnificently tender composition that almost crumbles when you eat it. Made outside of Florence, each Sbriciolona from Macelleria Tozzetti begins with rich Casentino grey pork that is generously spotted with fat and then perfumed with heavenly fennel. The meat is almost velvety and seems to effortlessly melt in the mouth. The spices are delicate and a remarkable complement to the flavors of the pork; nothing is ever overpowering or grating. Macelleria Tozzetti's Sbriciolona is a magnificent manifestation of true Tuscan culinary artistry and we cannot get enough of it (just as the poor man who had to ceaselessly hand us Sbriciolona slices!).

This typical fresh Tuscan salame is beautifully tender, sweet, and fragrant making it a magical addition to any menu and a perfect holiday gift. Beyond the flavor, the Sbriciolona is aesthetically phenomenal. The frosted—almost powdered—look of the exterior provides spellbinding contrast to the vivid pink meat tangled with specks of luminous white fat within. Pair with soft focaccia or golden crostini and a sharp cows milk cheese or a few fresh figs, this salami is a welcomed addition to any plate . Add to a cheeseboard with Marcona almonds, fig jam, and olives for a mouthwatering display or follow in our footsteps and enjoy it in all its unadulterated wonder.


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