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Artisan treats to serve at your next Halloween party

These beautiful confections are the perfect original alternatives to a fondant-covered commissioned cake. In addition to being impressive pieces of sculpture, they are mouth-wateringly delicious desserts. Staff at The Arcanisa Kitchen create outstanding edible show-stoppers for our events and today we are sharing our four current favorite autumnal novelty treats, beginning with sophisticated snack that looks too good to eat, followed by a whimsical option for kids; then we'll introduce jelly filled insects that are bursting with flavor and end with joyous autumnal baked goods.

These show-stopping bats are completely edible. We can't reveal how they're made (we were sworn to secrecy!) but you can see the toasty desiccated coconut which hints to the flavors that we promise are out of this world. The bats have semi-translucent wings with a sueded texture that genuinely look like the delicately stretched skin of a bat wing. They also have glistening wet eyes and noises giving them such life-like faces we almost feel bad eating them! Buy one for each guest and stick them atop cakes or on decorated foam blocks for delicious treats to leave at each place setting. Your guests wont believe they're edible!

For children (or those of us who are young at heart), Halloween is a time of fantasy and mysticism. These monster cupcakes are a huge hit at parties and will be gone in the blink of an eye. Moist rich chocolate cupcakes are filled with generous dollop of sea salted-caramel and topped with a mop of curly vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Giving the monster its distinctive features, white chocolate tentacles spiral and sprawl from within the frosting and an eerie jello eye thats filled with red raspberry core for a gory and disturbingly realistic burst of liquid when bitten into. It's haunting without being scary and the sweet flavors are enticing enough that we don't mind eating eyeballs!

Next up are the most elaborate cookies we've ever had! Deliciously realistic sculptures of Hercules beetles, the bodies are reminiscent of jaffa cakes and Pim's with a spongy vanilla cake topped with a zesty orange curd and coated in decadent dark chocolate. The wings are thin crispy cookies scented with vanilla and orange essence and adorned with hand painted speckles. Each of six tiny legs are hand sculpted from bittersweet modeling chocolate and are complete with small barbs and joints. The head is an orange liqueur infused dark chocolate truffle surrounded by the same modeling chocolate as the legs. All in all, these crawling treats are outstanding. The tempered chocolate coating the body and the snappy cookie wings break with addictive crunch and then, the soft jellied innards are revealed which feels almost too realistic!

Finally we have these adorable pumpkin patch cupcakes that will certainly wow guests and do The Great Pumpkin proud. Sugar coated spheres of creamy cardamom frosting are ridged to mimic the glowing rinds of ripe pumpkins. Vine tendrils sprout from their tops and peak out from beneath a few pumpkins, all of which are accompanied on their cupcake tops by leaves that look like celadon art deco fans. These sweet vanilla cakes are filled with a spiced stone fruit compote and offer all the luxuriously balanced flavors of an autumn clafoutis. Plus, when arranged together on a table the cupcakes create a lively fruitful pumpkin patch that is sure to wow your guests!

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