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Best coffee experience in Seattle: Fremont Coffee Company

fremont coffee company logo

A city known for its coffee culture, Seattle has an over abundance of small coffee shops as well as established coffee institutions like Starbuck's and Pete's. So it's natural to question what makes the Fremont Coffee Company a notch above the rest. We believe it's the combination of its location, its design, and its coffee styling.

First, the location. Fremont Coffee Company is on the south side of Fremont, which tourists know for its massive troll sculpture and locals know as an eclectically hip neighborhood. It's young, artistic, slightly bohemian, and occasionally hipster. Fremont is a go to neighborhood for live concerts and craft breweries (you know the vibe). While a lot of the funky counterculture that made Fremont noteworthy has been replaced by young techies that spilled over from Microsoft and Amazon, it's still a cool place and the ideal home for a stylish coffee shop.

That brings us to the design. Fremont Coffee Company is essentially a small house complete with a maze of almost uncomfortably small rooms that have been repurposed (we say that with a fair bit of generosity) into cozy seating areas for coffee lovers. With a backdrop of walls painted a deep red, it's home to mismatched rugs, a variety of lounge chairs, and a scattering of side tables in all shapes and sizes. But the real magic is the front porch. Spanning the full length of the front of the building, a large covered porch hosts a few lucky patrons on large cushioned wicker arm chairs that overlook downtown Fremont. On a warm sunny day—or even a not so warm drizzling day—these seats are some of the most coveted in the city.

And finally we come to the most fun and most distinctive feature of Fremont Coffee Company; the coffee styling. Like the stereotypical Fremont dwellers they are, baristas at the Fremont Coffee Company are artists. And their craft is frothy steamed milk drawings that adorn almost every cup that leaves the counter (sadly, iced coffees leave naked). Their signature design—and our personal favorite—is the demonic skull but they are also able to create incredible unicorns, holiday icons, and a variety of furry friends. We found this outstanding Dali inspired masterpiece that is as extravagant and unpractical as it is pure brilliance. We feel obliged to say that Fremont Coffee Company serves deliciously roasted coffee thats available in every drink your heart may desire but, given its location, that probably could have gone without saying!

If you are looking for a good cup of joe or, more importantly, a very fun coffee experience, do check out Fremont Coffee Company and try your best to snag a porch seat.

coffee with foam art depicting a skull in a santa hat


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