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Unexpectedly Festive Fruits

On day seven of this Holiday Countdown we shared the Sbriciolona from Macelleria Tozzetti as a fantastic alternative to steak gifts. However, we recognize that while the Sbriciolona is a delicious meat based product, it is ill suited for the vegans and vegetarians on your holiday gift list. Don't fret, we've got you covered!

One of our team members shared that, for as long as she can remember, her uncle has sent crates of gorgeous fragrant pomelos (aka pummelos) to her father for Christmas. She recalled the experience of eating fresh sparkling citrus amidst the local produce dominated by winter tubers and squashes stored from the autumn. We love the idea of gifting fresh fruit so we compiled a list of our favorite shippable produce!

Given the story we just shared, it feels only appropriate to begin with pomelos. These large 'grandparents of the grapefruit' are bursting with juicy pulp that's absolutely addictive. We find the flavour of pomelos to be sweeter and more mild than grapefruits, lacking the sharp bitterness and the slightly challenging acerbity. Pomelos are the largest citrus fruit but their substantial pith occupies much of the interior. They are typically a dazzling citron color— somewhere between a d'anjou pear and a golden delicious apple—so they'll add a beautiful radiance to any kitchen counter or dining room table. Pomelos are versatile ingredients but we love to eat them just on their own! California grown pomelos are available to ship from Pearson Ranch here.
By Shields Date Garden

Next on our list we have the Six Date Variety Pack from California's seventeen acre Shields Date Garden. We just adore dates, and we can attest that this variety pack is brilliant. A sectioned container features 2.5 pounds of Halawi, Blondes, Deglet Noor, Abbada, Zahidi Dates, and Black Beauty in triangular rays of sweet sticky deliciousness. Some varieties have deep caramel flavor, others boast nutty or spicy notes, but each date variety is incredibly tasty and idyllically succulent (no dry, jerky-like dates here!). Dates are truly nature's candy and we firmly believe they should replace the boxes of assorted chocolates we too often gift one another! Find the Six Date Variety Pack here.


Another amazing fruit gift is a variety or mystery box from Miami Fruit—as we are based in Miami, we'd be remiss to not include this epic fruit-sharing company! Sopadillas, sapotes, and soursops are all in season and their mouthwatering tropical flavors will be paradisiacal treat for those spending the holidays further north. For many these fruits will be unfamiliar, making a box of these fruits the ideal gift; not only are you gifting sweet succulent fruit but you are also sharing an adventurous experience where your recipients can indulge in newness.


We close with another phenomenal citrus fruit, the calamansi lime (or calamondins), a small round fruit from the Philippines. Although you can enjoy a calamansi on its own (you can even eat the peel!), unlike the pomelo, they are remarkably tart. They look like a mix of kumquats and mandarin oranges with luminous orange or green coloured peels that thinly surround the juicy segmented interior.

The flavour lies between a sour orange and a sweet lime, a taste that one of our coworkers immediately, and aptly, identified as that of the discontinued Tangerine Sours Altoids. Calamansi limes can transform your cooking; the unique notes of unidentifiable but subtly sweet citrus offer a dizzying amount of beaming acidic goodness to any dish. For the avid cooks in your life and those who enjoy exploring new culinary treasures, consider gifting calamansi limes! USA grown calamansi limes can be found at LA's Melissa's Produce here.

Fruits are delicious, beautiful, and often unexpected gifts during the holidays. After feasting on hearty winter dishes, your loved ones will cherish the lifting sweetness of fruit!

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