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8 edgy plants for an enviable spring garden

While everyone can appreciate tulips, catmint, and cone flowers, occasionally we desire something a little more interesting from our gardens. Perhaps it's the impact of the coronavirus, but this year we are trading vibrant florals for textured vegetation. We've balanced sueded whites with vibrant greens and forbidding plums to create a garden dripping with complexity. So here are our spring picks for a garden that will add sophistication to your yard and undoubtably generate neighborhood envy!

Angel Wings

this silvery, nearly white, plant resembles a lambs ear with long velvet tongue shaped leaves.

Purple Heart

a fierce plant, the Purple Heart grows with bamboo like spires in a gorgeous plum color that put out delicate pink flowers.

Limegreen Nicotinia

this incredibly fragrant tobacco plant sports an abundance of bold green flowers.

Mouse ear

a Hosta variety, mouse ears are clusters of tea drop shaped blue-hued leaves that seem so eager to open they wind and twist around one another.

Silver Artemisia

this wispy plant forms a mound of silver feathery leaves that are the perfect complement to the many rigid plants we included in this list

Creeping Jenny

offering such euphoric vibrance is creeping Jenny, a fast spreading ground cover comprised of lime green dime-sized disk-shaped leaves.

Purple Shamrock

this lovely low growing plant has deep purple triangular leaves broken up by a scattering of delicate pink flowers atop surprisingly green stems.

Silverberry Shrub

for some added height, incorporate this beauty. the young leaves are covered in shimmering silver scales and the plant produces hidden but highly fragrant flower throughout the early and mid autumn.


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