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Every Day Elevations Part II

We're shaking things up. During previous days of the 2021 Holiday Countdown, we described the featured items and shared with you the reasons why we felt they were so exceptional and holiday gift-worthy. Yesterday and today, we're offering a visual list of every day objects that you can swipe to reveal our gift choices: items that elevate the ordinary, that transform the day-to-day and that make even the most mundane moments remarkable. We'll let these phenomenal pieces speak for themselves!

Every Day Necklaces

Every Day Rings

Every Day Earrings



Foil Cutters

Cling Wrap

Post-It Notes / Reminder Cards


Pancake Syrups

Fridge Magnets

Grocery Bags

Water Carafe





Browse the full Holiday Gift Guide and discover even more ways to elevate the every day this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide

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