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Phenomenal Publications: our 6 favorite magazines

Let magazines be your new coffee table books. Dramatically visual and crushingly cool, these publications will bring a new statement piece full of inspiration with every volume!



If there was one magazine that epitomized cool it would be Aesthetica. The bimonthly British publication curates a collection of visual art, music releases, book reviews, and other inspired information that will motivate you to be experimental and outstandingly chic. Nearly ad-free, the magazine is a true page turner with graphic full-page images and eloquent—but never extraneous—text.

No exaggeration, we once caught our postman flipping through it so you know it's good!


Drift offers all the drama of Aesthetica but with a focused subject matter: coffee. Each bi-annual printing is a unique exploration of a location's interaction with coffee. Filled with heart stopping photo essays and mouth watering coffee descriptions this magazine is a must have for coffee connoisseurs and art addicts alike.

magazine cover with whale photo


Is there anything cooler than the depths of the ocean? Not really, no. And capturing this abyssful magic is Oceanographic, self-described as a "bi-monthly marine lifestyle magazine with a focus on ocean conservation, exploration, and adventure". Let the pages transport you through mesmerizing photography and captivating stories on the complexities of the sea.

magazine cover with fox illustration

Slightly Foxed

In a counterpoint to eye-catching photography, next up is Slightly Foxed, a quarterly British literary magazine. Focusing on timeless or forgotten books, Slightly Foxed is "good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary review". Beside the unrivaled reviews are woodblock style illustrations, allowing the words to shine and offering some quaint whimsy to the pages.


Juxtapoz, an arts and culture magazine out of California, satisfies our desire for art without drowning us in ads and pretension. Offering a peak into the underground contemporary art world, the monthly editions take us on a tour of all things art: introducing new artists, reviewing shows, and narrating conversations we never thought to have with and about artists. It's bold, it's bizarre, and it's astonishingly cool. After finding Juxtapoz you may rethink your Art Forum subscription!

magazine cover


Nautilus takes science (which is inherently fascinating) and shares it with us as deep undiluted narratives relayed by the smartest minds of our time. Each monthly issue focuses on a single topic and takes in scientific, cultural, and philosophical perspectives to "let science spill over its usual borders". Covering topics that are relevant to contemporary life from underworlds and monsters to luck and power, this isn't science as you'd expect it. Deliciously interesting and palatably intellectual you will leave feeling smarter and more clever after each read.

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