Rissóis de Camarão: Portuguese Shrimp Pastries

Rissóis de camarão are arguably the most versatile snacks in our holiday arsenal. These humble unassuming pockets, filled with a creamy savory shrimp mixture, are ideal for nearly every holiday situation; they fuel us when we tirelessly wrap gifts, they occupy the idle hands and mouths of restless and demanding little ones, they even provide edible comfort to loved ones embarking on their journeys home in holiday traffic. A delicious and self-contained snack perfect while opening gifts or when raiding the fridge for a post-party midnight snack, rissóis are ready and eager to make our entertaining lives easier!

a white tray, lined with parchment, and filled with rissois

Make a generous amount as they are sure to be snatched up quickly and feel free and inspired to substitute the filling of our choice! The recipe below, adapted from Sabor Intenso and Sorted Food, has been translated from the original Portuguese. Additionally, we have included a link to a very helpful video documenting the recipe but note that it is in Portuguese.


Recipe Rissóis de Camarão

Ingredients for 45 rissóis:

For dough:

450g of flour

650g of water

100g of vegetable shortening, butter or margarine

1 lemon peel

Coarse salt

For the filling:

1 Kg of shrimp

1 L of water

1 chopped onion

100g of vegetable shortening, butter or margarine

125g of flour

1 tablespoon of tomato pulp

Chopped parsley (to taste)

2.5dl of milk

Half a lemon

Pepper (to taste) .

Salt (to taste)

Nutmeg (to taste)

3 eggs

Breadcrumbs (as needed to coat the pastries)

Flour for sprinkling