Savory Truffle Mustard Bread Knots

After reading the title, do we need to say more? We can't think of a recipe that sounds more luxurious or appropriate for a holiday celebration than Savory Truffle Mustard Knots by Rebecca Firth of Displaced Housewife. The tangy spice of mustard is the ideal carrier for luscious nutty earthy notes of black truffles. Thyme and parmesan offer an herbal softness and salty sharpness, respectively, beautifully finishing the flavour profile of the moist supple dough.

Plus, they're beautiful! We love a knotted bread in place of a traditional holiday roll; the simple variation offers visual interested to the table and, for us, a heightened feeling of special celebration. We've tried to make these with a standard Grey Poupon and some shaved black truffle but it was challenging to get the right ratio so we encourage you to invest in the Maille's Black Truffle Mustard (the recipe by Firth was sponsored but we certainly are not!). We also read in the comments that someone substituted honey mustard for Maille's and we love the idea of an added sweet note so that adaptation is next on our list to try for the holidays —with some shaved truffle of course!


By Rebecca Firth of Displaced Housewife

I hope you have lots of festive occasions coming up this month and if so, I have the perfect holiday appetizer to share with you. I use one of my favorite doughs as a base (it’s a brioche dough with eggs and butter and lots of richness) and then fold in Parmesan, fresh thyme and cracked pepper. It already sounds good, doesn’t it? I put a thin smear of Maille’s Black Truffle Mustard With Chablis Wine over the top, knot and twist these babies and then bake until golden and bronzed. These truffle mustard knots are delicious all by themselves (Great as a side to soup? In place of a dinner roll? New Year’s Eve nosh?) or as we’ve been enjoying them with a wee more Black Truffle Mustard (because I can’t get enough of it) or as part of a simple charcuterie board.

One of my favorite bits about this dough is that it gets better and improves the longer you let it sit in the fridge. Although I suppose the same could be said for most all yeasty treats? If I have an event on a Friday, this dough can be made on Wednesday and then shoved to the back of the fridge until ready to deal with it. On Friday, a quick rise with the aid of steam + an unheated oven and bam, they’re ready to bake off. I truly prefer these mustard knots fresh-from-the-oven so plan your baking-entertaining schedule accordingly.

Since these really should be the star of any appetizer board, I went for something super simple to let them shine. Your formula should be this:

  • Lots of Savory Truffle Mustard Knots

  • More Maille Mustard non-negotiable

  • Winter citrus for color and contrastI can’t get enough of Cara Cara’s right now

  • NutsI went for some marcona almonds

  • Cured meatprosciutto is never a bad idea

  • Some dried fruitdried tart cherries add a pretty pop of color

  • Fresh herbsto add around the board for color

This Maille mustard is so freaking delicious and would make an AMAZING stocking stuffer for the food lovers in your life…I’m just saying!

Before We Get Started

  • Make Ahead. These are perfect for entertaining because they can be mostly all prepped ahead of time as noted above. When it’s time to knot + bake, just have everything prepped and it will go fast.

  • Rise Time. Make sure you allow enough time for the dough to get its’ proper rise on. You want the dough to double in size before putting them in the fridge and then again after they’ve had their steam rise in the oven. If they don’t properly double at either point, add more time to let them get where they need to be.