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Add Color and Whimsy to Your Table: l&m studio

Meg Oliver and  Lucie Piedra

The pieces created at l&m studio in Catskill, NY exude vivacious joy. Bowls filled with vibrant–but decidedly sophisticated–colors and geometric mugs capture a whimsical playfulness that we don't often associate with porcelain tableware. Created by Meg Oliver and Lucie Piedra, l&m studio is a love letter to the friendship of these incredible artists. When we first met Lucie and told her how beamingly cheerful we found the pieces, she responded by telling us about her partnership with Meg and how the works were a reflection of the fun they have with one another. l&m studio prioritizes a process of creation between two friends adventuring into new modern forms and daring applications of color and that results in undeniably successful pieces

l&m offers a broad range of products. Their light fixtures feature off-kilter hemispheres, alternating in orientation, that form a staggered ladder of kinetic scoops. Simplistic planters take the shape of unadulterated organic geodes and minimalist geometric sculptures. Stacks of blocked bands form towering pillared vases appropriated titled 'Cityscapes'.

Cityscape vase set

modern orange-lined handmade nesting porcelain prep bowls

But, for our day-to-day, we are enthralled by their bowls and mugs. Nesting bowls offer subtly imperfect rims alongside perfectly ergonomic contours that are lined with brilliant colors. l&m describe their bowls as having rims that "undulate softly when grouped together as none of the rims are exactly level", an unevenness that is highlighted by the dynamic combination of sensuous satin exteriors and glossy saturated interiors1. It's that deliciously subdued and maturely thoughtful playfulness that elevates their pieces into works of every-day art.

The mugs take this playfulness up a level with an element of whispered drama: the rims are an amalgam of gentle curves and rigid facets that travel seamlessly down along the body of the cups. Meg and Lucie add a touch of modern geometry with a square handle complete with a circular punch out for a stylish, yet comfortable, hold. Likely a result of the structured forms, each piece is flawlessly sophisticated

The cast porcelain, made in molds from modeled clay or wood, is "sanded, bisque fired, sanded again, washed and glazed and then re-fired to 2232 degrees creating the final vitreous porcelain piece" that is a a clear labor of love. This love can be felt immediately when one experiences Meg and Lucie's works. Their creations are pure wonder that can make even a mundane and rushed bowl of breakfast cereal feel like an artistic privilege.

pre-glazed handmade porcelain geometric faceted mugs


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