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Koya Cherry Pit Pillow

As our New England-based team members prepare for the upcoming nor'easter, we felt inspired to share a warm comforting gift today and the velvet cherry pit pillow from Koya Naturals epitomizes comfort.

Cherry pit filled pillows have been used for centuries in Europe to soothe muscle and stomach aches. It is said that the heat retaining properties of the cherry pit was discovered by Swiss distillery workers who would tie them in small bags, place them on the factory stoves, and use them at the end of the day to treat stiff shoulders, backs, and the general aches and paints of their toil. (1)

A luscious velvet cover in rich jewel tones holds 28 ounces of cherry pits from Michigan. While we never expected a pillow to be filled with cherry pits, we can assure you it's absolute magic. The pits not only perform beautifully at cool and warm temperatures, but they offer an incredibly soothing weight that acts like a gentle embrace, helping to melt away tension.

But the two things we love most about the pillow are the sound and the smell. The cherry pits within the pillow clatter against each other for a twinkling rain-like sound that is outstandingly relaxing. And, when heated, the seeds produce a soft delicate steam that smells deliciously of cherry. It's such an unexpected treat that always makes us feel pampered.

The pillow can be cooled in the freezer or heated in a microwave or conventional oven depending on your needs and all the Koya Naturals cherry pit pillows are machine washable.

We love how easy this pillow is to use and how complete the sensory comfort is. The sweet smell of cherries, the calming sound of rain, and the warmth and gentle compression make for a truly luxurious experience! You can't go wrong sharing a cherry pit pillow this holiday!


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