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Birdwatching: an overlooked meditation

Alright, we have a a confession to make: we don't really care about birds. Yes, birds are incredible creatures and we envy their freedom and flight but we don't feel that soul-rattling excitement that hardcore birders do when they hear the chirp of a rare species.

Thats not to say that we aren't fans of birdwatching! Confused? Just take a look at this photo.

On our last birdwatching trip we took a train to Philadelphia and spent 9 hours (you read that right!) with the Morris Arboretum watching a convocation of bald eagles bring their young to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland. Bald eagles are amazing raptors and they spend most of their time at the Dam instructing their eaglets on how to steal fish from inferior fowl. But the real magic of birdwatching is the meditative inspiration conjured by nature that you get to experience.

Birdwatching demands time and patience, taking you to into uninterrupted nature flaunting unparalleled beauty. One must remain quiet, and still, so as not to startle any brush-dwelling birds which creates and preserves a level of peace that our busy lives typically prevent. We like to compare it to fishing: you linger stoically out in nature, ruminating quietly on the meaning of life, without any true aspiration of catching a fish (or in our case spotting a bird). It's boldly serene and profoundly reflective.

Take a breath of fresh air, a moment of silence, and maybe feel a tingle of excitement when you spot a truly beautiful feathered friend. If you can get your hands on a pair of binoculars reach out to a local birdwatching group and see if you can tag along!

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