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Breville Milk Cafe

We really debated about sharing this product. Our main concern was kitchen appliances are relatively standard gifts that you may have already considered gifting this year. Ultimately, we concluded that this Breville Milk Cafe is just too wonderful to leave off our gift guide! We were gifted one years ago and we use it so often and adore it so much that we purchased two more just for ourselves (let alone the countless ones we've gifted)!

This simple countertop appliance heats and froths milk to absolute perfection. Unlike steam frothing machines, the Milk Cafe is impossibly quiet and produces a thick dense foam with no mess. It's large enough to accommodate milk for a few cups or, if you're like us, one very large mug!

a milk frothing machine fully of swirling hot chocolate next to three christmas mugs full of frothy milk

Naturally, this Milk Cafe is an ideal gift for any coffee-lover looking for the perfect cappuccino or latte but you'd be shocked at how versatile this tool is. Froth some milk and add a swirl of local honey for a comforting medicinal treat, add your favorite chocolate or cocoa powder for a life-changingly foamy hot chocolate, or whip up a flawless hot buttered rum drink. Even mulled wine can be made in this compact machine! And don't get us started on the epic London fogs or Iced Tea Lattes the Milk Cafe creates!

Simply add your milk to the pitcher, set the dial to the desired temperature, and press start. Once the milk reaches temperature, toss in any additions and set to cold stir to incorporate the ingredients and finalize your frothy beverage.

While counter space is always limited, we are confident that the Breville Milk Cafe is well worth the real estate. We use ours on a daily basis and our kids are completely smitten with the spiced milks and decadent hot chocolates we can quickly and easily create with this seemingly perfect machine. Plus, the Milk Cafe is available through Amazon Prime so while it won't make it before the final day of Hanukah you can still get it in time to share it for Christmas and Kwanzaa!


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