Head to Toe: Shoes and Hats

On Day one we introduced you to our favorite clothing gifts and yesterday, Day two, we shared some sculptural, statement jewellery pieces so it's only fitting that we now turn our attention to to the poles with a list of accessories to cover heads and toes.



As we noted during last year's Gift Guide feature on mules, shoes make exceptional gifts and these pairs will surely leave your loved ones beaming with delight. With delight in mind, we must start with these killer Anfíbio Fish slippers from Lidija Kolovrat. Made of pvc, two lateral recumbent koi fish are ready to dive with you into any adventure. Complete with eyes, fins, tails, and emotive mouths, these funky flats are unquestionably cool. We love that the unexpected side-laying design that is cooercingly playful without making us feel like we've slid our feet into the koi equivalent of a bear skin rug. We're gifting the Anfíbio flats to everyone this year, but especially to the college bound teens in our life who will need these protective, water-dwelling companions as they venture into dorm showers!


If koi fish are a bit more whimsical than your desire footwear, how about some snake print for a nod to the animal kingdom with fewer eyes? Bells & Becks designed one of our favorite shoes in recent memory, the Allegra Black and Whites. Described as "a bold modern classic", the Allegra flats are devastatingly chic. Constructed of supple Italian leather with a graphic black and white snake skin print, each shoe is set atop a subtle heel that provides just enough lift to garner in us a feeling of poised and powerful confidence. The real majesty of this design lies in the understatement of the detail. A broad square tab is the main design element and, in itself, is an exemplary demonstration of masterfully elegant proportion. But when set atop the shoe, the geometry of the square is accentuated by the triangular point of the toe, the glistening brass rectangular ornament it holds, and the gentle, sweeping curve of shoe's collar. Upon closer inspection, one can also appreciate that the white printed pattern does not align to the natural scales of the leather, creating a dizzying optical illusion that is modern and unquestionably successful. One reviewer captured the shoe perfectly, stating succinctly, "Perfect".


With a similar commitment to detail, Miami-based brand ALEPEL shares " intricate and highly considered" hand-painted footwear pieces that are, truly, works of art. Manufactured in Brazil, each shoe finds its way back to Miami where its true beauty is actualized through embellishing designs hand-painted by expert artisans. We are currently loving the Bird Floral slides. The bands of the slides are the canvas onto which wild flowers and vibrant birds are painted. Tiny spotted petals and shaded feathers highlight the brand's commitment to artistic detail. Each brush stroke is applied with a thoughtful conviction and, together, the strokes form a modern painting that embodies the creative passions of Miami. While the cultural confidence of Miami inspires us to walk with our heads held high, these delicate works of art keep us sneaking glances at our feet!