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Critter Creations

Happy day 9 of the Holiday Countdown! While those of us in America shake off our post-Thanksgiving feast stupors, we thought we'd introduce you to some comforting and astonishingly adorable animal companions. From tiny panicked turtles to plush platypuses you can find the perfect animalistic gift in this holiday worthy menagerie.

Starting small, we've collected a full terrarium worth of tiny amphibians and reptiles. 3D printed micro-turtles from Florida, dime sized frogs crocheted with embroidery threads, hand drawn glass fire salamanders, onyx black scorpions, and minuscule varnished clay chameleons from Chile are all incredibly detailed and deeply charming characters ready to light up the lives of your loved ones. For a furry miniature, try the Glad O Art micro bunnies who sit snuggled and ready to warm your hearts with their endearing cotton tails and velvety soft ears.


If those on your holiday list would prefer a more bedazzled pet, look no further than the beaded creations from Guatemaya Art and Culture Connection. Luminescent glass beads cover the surface of sculptural iguanas, turtles, and frogs, formed from compacted recycled plastic bags, to create bold color patterns and an outstanding scaly texture.


How about a wearable pet? The hand felted "Ugly Ducking" wool swan scarf from Polish Celapiu will leave your loved ones feeling as fashionable and iconic as Björk.

Ugly Duckling transitioning into a Swan. He is still brown-grey, but white feathers begin to emerge revealing a glimpse of his future bold form. Swan is one of the most graceful and epic creatures on the planet. We are proud to be able to breed this stunning bird in our own private animal kingdom (1)

Slightly smaller, we have the tiny platypus from Wonderland 24 in Russia. Outstretched webbed feet, a glistening brown bill, and baby soft fur are set onto the wire frame of this posable, doe eyed delight.


A fully plush pet, the stuffed chinchilla from Fuzziggles is crushingly cute. Curved velvet ears, long furry tails, and deep black eyes are set in the downy fur of these huggable puff balls. Should someone on your list need a cuddle companion, these chinchillas will not disappoint!


Like a colonial powdered wig, layers of structured white curls form the luscious coat of the Suffolk Sheep from Sally Nencini. Midnight black faces , ears, and feet offer contrasting accents against the white body and circles of felt form eyes, attached with star shaped stitches that add a sparkle of life to this plush pet.


Rather than wig-like curls, this unbelievable needle felted horned owl from Argentinian workshop Patagonia Wool Art has dense layers of woodsy, tufted feathers. Each owl is a work of art, sculpted from merino wool that comes alive at the hands of the talented artists. Hyperrealistic and incredibly soft, these owls are ornaments that will bring the magic of nature to your home all year long!


Now for some epic and unique critter characters who have a few subtle derangements that make them relatable and adorable.

Like this Sloth Worry Pet from Only One Knit Toys in Canada. Hand-knit with love, each comfort sloth pet understands and soothes all your troubles with its relatable panic and plush form.

Worry Pets are the perfect size to keep in your pocket, on your desk, or even a window sill. Each of these cute little knitted pets are meant to be a friend you can share your worries or troubles with. Their worried expressions show how sympathetic they are! They also come with a sweet poem (2)


If you're shopping for someone who's more panicked than worried, these turtle totems from Anna's Sketch Studio in Rochester, NY are tiny treasures. Each sculpture is one of a kind an "they are literally built for handling stress, so let 'em have it!" (3). Set next to your computer, they embody and relieve all the stress we feel with 404 errors and computer crashes.


For those who feel frazzled, offer them this relatable plush ostrich from Maca Shop in Hungary. This guy's furious feather tufts erupt in dizzying clouds that channel the chaos of the world. Or maybe Emilio Fur's real fur, pompom ostrich teddy, completely covered in dyed fox fur and nappa suede better embodies the hair-pulling madness we occasionally feel!


These moon-eyed miniatures from Poosac will always be there to comfort your overwhelmed loved ones. We all have issues, including these freaky felines, so we can find camaraderie and whimsy with these relatable critters.


A minimalist animalistic miniature, the Felt Bats from The Felt Pod in Reseda, California are freaky and fantastic. The only facial features, wonky wide eyes stare blankly against the nocturnal black wool body, complete with pointed ears and outstretched wings. We really love these guys!

String these felt bats with some of our felted balls or yarn poms for a super cute Halloween garland. (4)


If your loved ones are more stunned than frantic, this life sized street pigeon from Mother Pigeon in Brooklyn will rock their worlds. Its wide suspicious eyes are urban crystal balls, revealing our inner truths with its all-knowing stare. Plus, each one in is a sculptural felt masterpiece. The patchwork feathers and string wrapped talons are beautifully rendered and ensure these pigeons are as decorative as they are omnipotent.

"When you adopt my birds know that most of the money goes to pigeon rescue and advocacy. I have dedicated my life to helping people connect with the beauty of the urban wildlife around them. Each bird is unique in detail and personality [and is] made from vegan and repurposed materials (acrylic felt, yarn, faux leather, metal)" (x)


A smaller pigeon charm, these keychains from Mala Ustvarjalnica are incredible handmade, faux-leather creatures whose sewn black eyes offer no judgement or criticism. They'll travel with you through even the most treacherous urban landscapes unfazed.


Another bird with undeniable personality is the printed cotton bird pillow from AIY Shop in Latvia. Hand printed and sewn black and white fabric designed by graphic artist Daina Kushina is filled with dried wildflowers—chamomile, calendula, and dragonheads—to create fragrant birds ready to fly beside you and your loved ones.

Form a personal animal kingdom or select a single remarkable creature companion but, however you do it, bring life to your holidays with one of these epic critters. And find even more gift ideas by exploring the full 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!



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