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Artist Spotlight: Ivan Bautista

In his own words, Ivan Bautista hopes to "exalt feminine and masculine figures" and "article and represent the inner [turmoils] make visible their hidden characteristics and discover their [mysticism]"(1) and we couldn't agree more . Bautista works with charcoal, graphite, oil, but predominantly print-making techniques to capture both the darkness and beauty of his subjects. We love it and we can't get enough.

His work is eerily striking, simultaneously tortured and serene, and certainly not lacking nuance. He depicts bodies in atypical positions while ensuring the faces

are dripping with emotion to elicit a dynamic of tension that evokes concern.

We own works by Bautista and they are remarkably powerful, immediately hijacking any gallery wall we've put them on. Bautista has an ability to see and capture the human soul that is downright genius.

Bautista's work can be purchased through and ships from Mexico. The works are very reasonably priced so you can comfortably collect several pieces. We don't think you will be able to fine more emotive, technically beautiful work at such a low price anywhere. We certainly haven't!


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