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Breathtaking furniture design: Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens

Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens, raised between Mexico and the Netherlands and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, has enviable vision and craftsmanship. His furniture designs combine unusual materials with elemental shapes to create forms that look almost cast. We first encountered his designs in a graduate student show and this small introduction to Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens was all it took for us to become completely hooked. We were immediately taken by his designs, which he describes so romantically as "small monuments to the graceful warm shapes of Mexican ceramics" (we feel obliged to inform you that our hearts quietly melted when we read that!). As a testament to how profound his pieces are, only a few days after we walked through the gallery space his works were the only ones we remembered. After seeing his designs, we're confident you'll be able to understand why!

We love that his largest piece, Mis Jarrones G1, a console table/sideboard, is constructed from CNC cut layered OSB board resulting in concentric circles across the bodies of the vase forms and an almost cork texture across the background. The piece simultaneously induces feelings of weight and delicacy: the vessels are suspended weightlessly in space on the solid stock block and the surface of the top is interrupted by gentle slopes, creating the illusion that the top is cascading into the mouths of the vessels. It's striking while maintaining complete functionality. In addition to its shape, the piece presents an undeniable tactile temptation. The presentation of textures was so alluring it took all we had not to run our hands over each piece. Look at the images below and tell us you don't recognize its enticement!

Like deconstructions of the larger piece, smaller vessels capture the round bellies of the vase forms and the stark geometry of the stock block backs on an intimate scale. The display of three objects constructed from different materials—cork, mahogany, and burnt mahogany—presents an intoxicating contrast of textures and shapes with similar tactile complexities.

We cannot wait to see more from Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens and we can't wait to get our hands (both literally and figuratively!) on some of his designs.


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